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While we may have shown the best styles of both parties, we definitely don’t condone voting based on looks! We hope that everyone has a great election day, feels well informed, and is able to vote!

Remember, there will be winners and losers today, but let’s not treat this like the superbowl. Respect everyone’s right to an opinion and choice of clothes, even if it differs from your own!

We would like to wish the best of luck to both candidates today!

Obama v. Romney


GQ sizes up both presidential candidates in the second debate.

Who wore the traditional black suit better?

Make up, Clothing, and Politics. You can only pick 2.

A lovely article by Refinery29 reflecting on Vogues recent story on Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Does a make over make all the difference for women in politics?

Still feeling Chic?

Or should we say, Chicly.

RNChic is expanding in big ways and we want you to be the first to know. Keep a look out this October as we begin to launch a whole new platform to revolutionize the American Fashion Scene.

We’re showing America for what it is, not what it should be… So, we’re showing you.

Haven’t checked out DNChic? Compare the styles from both Conventions!

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That’s a wrap.. For now!

Check in to DNChic and see what’s happening at the DNC!

Will the RNC have better styles? We’ll find out!

Look out! We think Texas delegates have the best uniformed style! 

We may be a little biased though with Texas being the founder of RNChic’s homestate. However, we love the effort put in to having them all match and we think those scarves are stellar. Wish we could get one!

What do you think?

Oh hey Tucker Carlson!  
So fun story, we totally just snapped his picture like ignorant young adults with out realizing exactly who he was. The cop behind us high fived the guy and when he left the cop turned to us and exclaimed “Oh man, I should have had you guys take a picture of me to remember this moment with Tucker Carlson!”
Whoops, sorry Mr. Cop, that was our bad. The next time we all bump in to him we will make sure to snap your picture.
Vertical striped shirt in appropriate colors.

Check out these guys in their bow ties!

Sporting a little American Eagle too!

Brightly colored suits are obviously a thing!

Can we get a close up on those silver shoes?

This is our first quick spotting of Texas attire. 

We love these YG women!
What would the GOP be with out cool elephant jewelry?